Welcome to the Troll Dolls Guide!

Two Headed TrollHere you will find a history of troll dolls, photos, and collecting tips. Whether you are interested in collecting trolls or selling trolls, you find photos and information here.  New photos and descriptions are being added  as quickly as possible.

Many manufacturers have made thousands of trolls. Since it is not possible to talk about every troll, only the main maufacturers will be discussed. This site contains photos and information about Dam Trolls, Dam Troll Animals, Norfin Trolls, Norfin Animal Trolls, and Wishnik Trolls. See the page links for photos and specific information. New photos will be added as they become available.

History of Troll Dolls:
The first trolls were created by Thomas Dam in the 1950′s in Denmark. Troll Dolls became a fad in the 1960′s. These early trolls are known as the vintage trolls. The most popular vintage trolls are the Dam Trolls. Early troll manufacturers were Dam Things, Uneeda (Wishnik), and Scandanivia House. Early trolls had mostly felt clothing and mohair.

Trolls reemerged as a fad in the 1980′s and early 1990′s. Russ Company flooded the market with cheap trolls. Dam Things sold their trolls under the new name of Norfin trolls. While Russ concentrated on the volume of trolls, Norfin trolls had better features and were well made. This fact can be seen in the resale and collectible values of the trolls on Ebay.

In addition to dolls, manufacturers also made paper dolls, keychain toys, and party supplies. Troll birthday supplies included a Wilton cake pan, paper napkins, cups, and paper plates. Everything that you would need for a fun troll birthday party.

If you are interested in buying or selling Trolls, then check out the Collecting Tips section of this site.

About Myself:
I am a troll collector.  I started collecting trolls in the 1970′s. Some of photos shown here are from my personal collection. I will be adding more photos of other trolls when I find them. My favorite trolls are the vintage Dam trolls and the newer Norfin trolls. My absolute favorite is the 7 inch Dam tailed troll that I purchased for $1 in the 1970′s. You can see the photo on the Dam Trolls page.

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