Dam Trolls

In the 1960′s , Dam Things produced a variety of trolls. Some of these trolls are very collectible!  There is a separate section for Dam Animal Trolls so they will not be covered here.

The trolls were made of a hard vinyl material and the hair was made of mohair. Most of the trolls had a lot of hair. The clothes were made of felt.  There were some standard sizes. The most popular size was the 3 inch troll. The 7 inch banks were also popular in the 1960′s.
When you search for Dam trolls on Ebay, you will also get Norfin trolls. Yes, they are made by the Dam company but they were made from the late 1970′s to now.  If you compare the photos on this page to the Norfin page, you can see that there is a distinct difference in the facial features.

Some of the rare Dam trolls from the 1960′s include the tailed trolls and animal trolls. The 3 inch Dam trolls have become very popular on Ebay also.  A naked 3 inch Dam troll from the 1960′s have been selling for up to $20 on Ebay.

If available, I have included a sell price on Ebay in the photo description. This is to give you an idea of the value and rarity of the troll. Prices do fluctuate so this is just a guideline and you may not get the same price for your troll. Click on the photos in the gallery to see the description.

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