Trolls became a fad in the 1960′s. Thomas Dam filed a copyright but an error in the copyright of Thomas Dam’s troll, opened the door for knock-offs. The Wishnik trolls were made by Uneeda Company in the 1960′s. These trolls were made of a cheaper and more flexible plastic.

Wishnik trolls come with different marks. The troll can be marked with Uneeda and a date or with double horseshoes on their feet. Some Uneeda Wishnik trolls may not be marked at all.

The Wishnik trolls were one of the better imitation trolls. The Uneeda company made some really cute trolls that are valued by collectors. Their 3 inch trolls came in a wide variety of oufits and were adorable. Other Wishnik highlights include the two headed troll and the troll car.

A little known fact is that Totsy Company made outfits for Wishnik trolls. They were called Nak-Nik outfits. The outfits were sold individually and sold as dressed Wishniks. A photo below shows a display rack with Wishniks dressed in Nak-Nik outfits. I have a photocopy of a Totsy catalog which shows the different troll outfits and displays. I have included several of the outfit photos below. They are the black and white photos. I love the Totsy outfits because each outfit came with cute accessories.

Also I have included some photos of vintage Wishnik trolls in the gallery below. Click on the photo to see a description and a sell price from Ebay. The Ebay sell price is a guide only and the price that you could receive for your troll may be different. The price is included to give you an idea of the rarity of the troll.

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